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About Us

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KTS founded in 2011

it Begin with small shop at Rajkot with Team of 2.  Kings Tattoo Supply  was founded in 2011 with the aim of providing tattoo artists with the best equipment at fair and reasonable prices. Since then Kings Tattoo Supply  has grown and grown and we are proud to now employ over 45 team members who are all as passionate for both Kings Tattoo Supply and the tattoo industry as we are. We have Our Own  Supply Stores across all Major Cities of India.  


Kings Tattoo Supply is a Indian company and a leading manufacturer and distributor of cartridges, needles, inks, equipment and accessories for tattooing in South Asian Sub-Continental. Thanks to high quality products that reach our recipients every day, we could gain the trust of our customers who have been accompanying us for over a dozen years.

We are a dynamically developing company with extensive experience in the field of modern production and storage technologies. It is thanks to experience and great employees that you receive your orders so quickly, and the products contained in them are always just as good! Our long-term cooperation with clients has enabled us to develop optimal solutions for supply for both distributors and tattoo salons, where customer service time, equipment reliability, repeatability, and above all, the highest quality of products and services offered is the key to success.

The store you are in is based on a modern platform, thanks to which our team is able to handle your orders even more quickly and efficiently. Regardless of what you order from us: tattoo machine, cartridges, needles, inks or other accessories, you can be sure that in kings tattoo supply we have made every effort to make you happy with them!


we Shift our Hq and opened our second shop at vadodara.

we acquired our first warehouse at vadodara and our team become of 5 


2014 - we opened our 3rd shop at ahmedabad and our team become of 7.

2015 - We opened our 4th shop at Mumbai (dadar) and our team become of 9

2015 - We opened out 5th Shop at Pune and our team become of 11


2016 - we expend our warehouse to 3500sqft at vadodara and our team become of 15.

2016 - we opened our Surat shop with Guest Tattoo Studio and our team become of 17.

2016 - we hosted, First Inksoul Tattoo Festival , Pune in October 2016.

2016 - we started our thane shop to extend delivery and pickup service in Mumbai.


2017 - we added another 350sq ft Ware House Dedicated to Studio Furniture Segment. We also made our First Back office for Operations and by this time our team grown to 24. 

2017 - We Started our First South Indian Shop at Bangalore and added the next day delivery capability in south indian metro cities. we grown to team of 29 by the end of 2017.

2017 - We Hosted Second Inksoul Tattoo Festival, Pune and Experienced More than 10,000 Visitors. 

2017 - By the year end we become a team of more than 35 across the india.

2018 - We Hosted First Inksoul Tattoo Festival, Bengaluru in May 2018.

2018 - We Made Inhouse Recording Studio, Inksoul Tv

2018 - We Opened our Goa Shop In October 2018

2018 - We hosted 3rd Inksoul Tattoo Festival, Pune on November 2018.

2018 - By year end we become a team of more than 40 and total 9 Shops.


2019 - we added New 2000Sqft Back Office in Vadodara

2019 - We opened our 10th Shop in North India, Chandigarh. By April 2019. KTS have 10 shops across the india and team of more than 45.